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Welcome to Virtual Church

Kenton Baptist Church

Sunday 8th November


Remembrance Sunday


You may wish to play the Remembrance Day Clip (Scroll down) at 10.58 to co-ordinate with the 2 minute silence.

The beginning of Psalm 145 tells us that God is worthy of all our praise - His greatness is unsearchable and v 6 says  'One generation will commend Your works to the next and will proclaim Your mighty acts.'  Today we come to give praise and thanks to God, remembering how He has had His hand upon our nation in the past and giving thanks for what He has done in our individual lives.


As we remember God's faithfulness and goodness let us be that generation that rises up to praise Him with all we have and that raises up a standard for the glory of God in our land. We give thanks for God's undeserved love and mercy knowing that we can stand before Him only because of His great love for us shown in Jesus. Truly our confidence is in Him - our salvation and honour depend on Him alone and we give Him all the glory and all the praise - He is our rock and our refuge. (Psalm 62 v 7)

    Our Confidence is in the Lord 

 Victor's Crown 

 Will Your Anchor Hold?


Intercessory Prayers

led by Lola.

Let us also pray for those we know of personally who are in need at this time.

Intercessory PrayersLola
00:00 / 03:27

Our Bible Reading is taken from Joshua 3 & 4 and is read by Mark.

Joshua 3 & 4 MarkMark
00:00 / 09:05

Father God, we come into Your presence through the precious blood of Jesus to worship You in spirit and truth - to honour You and to bow before You, our awesome God. As we acknowledge the sacrifice of others for our freedom, we are forever grateful to You for giving Your one and only Son Jesus as a sacrifice so that we could have life, peace and forgiveness in His name.

Lord, as we come to You with adoration and worship, we thank You that we can say our sins have been forgiven and that You have rescued us. May Your precious Holy Spirit fall as we connect with You this morning! No-one compares to You, Lord - no-one is greater, higher or more worthy of our worship. We come to honour You - Jesus, the Name above all names.


 God is our Strength and Refuge 

 Lord for the Years 

 Remembrance Hymn 


 Video for Remembrance Day 

Prayer: Father as we continue in Your presence we pray that our hearts will be receptive to Your Word to us.  Lord, show us Your paths, teach us Your way, guide us in Your truth -

we surrender to You!

Holy Spirit come and do a work in us today that will grow and bear fruit in our lives so that we become more like Jesus. Amen.

Glenys'   Message.

Joshua 3 & 4 


Response song:

Bonus Song:

We hope you enjoyed your time with God in Virtual Church!

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