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Welcome to Virtual Church

Kenton Baptist Church

Sunday 7th March


What an amazing God we serve!

Psalm 62v7 says: "My salvation and my honour depend on God; He is my mighty rock, my refuge."


We give praise to God, realising that it all depends on HIM! We cannot earn His favour, but we can rejoice that He offers forgiveness and hope freely to all who trust in Jesus. It doesn't matter how others see us, it's God's assessment of us that counts - He knows our hearts, our motives, our secrets and our dreams and He loves us enough to provide forgiveness, peace and blessing even though we don't deserve it! 

We come to praise Him for His mercy and grace and to lift up the mighty name of Jesus - the only Saviour and name by which we must be saved. We come to bring Him our thanks and celebrate His goodness to us - He has truly brought us out of darkness and into His light!

Every Praise Is To Our God

This Is Amazing Grace

Holding Nothing Back


Intercessory Prayers

led by Robin

Let us also pray for those we know of personally who are in need at this time.

Intercessory PrayersRobin
00:00 / 03:38
Lesley solo.jpg

Our Bible Reading is taken from Romans 1:1-18  ESV

and is read by Lesley

Romans 1.1-18 Lesley
00:00 / 02:28

Thankyou Father that we are loved with an everlasting love. The Bible tells us that now we can come boldly into the presence of the Holy God. Once we were far off, but now we have been brought near by the precious blood of Jesus. 

May we realise afresh all that You have done for us as we lay our lives open to You again in worship. We lay all our ambitions, hopes and plans before You.

Lord, Let Your Holy Spirit flow over us and through us as we come to You. 

Here I Am To Worship / The Call

Living Hope

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Prayer:  Father, please speak to us today. May we learn more about You and more about standing on the persistent, penetrating and uncompromising truth of Your Word. Lord we come with hearts ready to hear what You have to say to us. Grow us in faith today and have Your way in us. Amen. 

Pastor Steve's Message:

Romans 1:1-18


Response Song: 

Rescuer (Good News)



Bonus Song: So will I

We hope you enjoyed your time with God in Virtual Church!

For ways to give to Kenton Baptist Church, please click HERE.

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