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Kenton Baptist Church

Sunday 26th July


 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty 

Jesus said “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me."  (John 14 v 6) Trusting in Him is our only way to heaven - He is the one true God who can bring us eternal life. (John 3 v 16) 

But all through the Bible, God speaks life into people and they are transformed and renewed: He  speaks into circumstances and situations and they are changed. We can ask God to breathe on us today to renew us and restore us as we come into His presence and we can invite Him into our difficult situations knowing that He is able reach out and transform our circumstances. He is God. In the beginning, He spoke all things into existence and Hebrews 1 v 3 tells us that He "holds everything together by His powerful word." This is the God we come to praise today!


 Breathe on us 

 Days of Elijah 

 God is Great 


Intercessory Prayers

led by Jean

Let us also pray for those we know of personally who are in need at this time.

Intercessory PrayersJean
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Our Bible Reading is taken from Ezekiel 37 v 1-14

and is read by Lesley.

Ezekiel 37 v 1 - 14Lesley
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Father God, we acknowledge that You are all we need. You are the One who has given us life and breath - You are the One to whom we bow in adoration and worship - the holy God of all creation - the One who was and is and is to come. Come and be Lord in our lives and Lord in our circumstances. Breathe on us and let Your Spirit fall upon us as we worship.

 We bow down 


 Breathe on me breath of God 


 Spirit Fall 

Prayer: Lord, we come with hearts open, waiting to hear what You have to say to us today. Today we really want to hear the 'Word of the Lord' to us and to be changed for Your glory. Amen.

Pastor Steve's Message.

Ezekiel 37 v 1 - 14


Response song:

 Come Alive 

Benediction and Blessing

And if you want more.....


The church building will be re-opening on Sunday 2nd August. Risk assessments have been made and plans are carefully being put in place to help keep everyone Covid secure.

We are planning shorter, different style services as no singing is allowed and everyone will need to be socially distanced. Also no children’s work is allowed. Fuller details about procedures & the different measures that have been put in place will be available soon. Other church organisatons and groups remain suspended for the time being.

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We hope you enjoyed your time with God in Virtual Church!