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Kenton Baptist Church

Sunday 14th June


Call to Worship
Call to Worship

The Bible tells us (John 8v12) that Jesus is the Light of the World – He shows us the way to the Father. We are told that the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness will never overcome it.


This is why we can trust in Jesus as our Saviour and our Rescuer – He stood in our place, has defeated the darkness, shattered the power of sin and death over our lives and declares us free and forgiven when we trust in Him ‘Our God is a God who saves!’ Psalm 68.20.


He is worthy of all our praises. Let’s celebrate His love and forgiveness in our lives today, knowing that we owe Him everything and we are secure in His hands.

Intercessory Prayer

led by Cecilia.

Let us also pray for those we know of personally who are in need at this time.

Intercessory PrayerCecilia
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Our Bible Reading is taken from 2 Kings 5 v 1-16 and is read by Fiona.

2 Kings 5 v 1-16Fiona
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Key Verse

Father God, today we come with grateful hearts to worship You and to acknowledge Your greatness and Your amazing love for us. When we realise what You have done and how loving and faithful You are, it just blows us away.

We stand in awe of a holy God who continually blesses us - not because of anything we have done, but because He loves us. We lift our hands in worship this morning to honour You, Father God, to bless You and say 'Thank You' for loving us.

 How Great Thou Art 

 The Goodness of God 

10,000 Reasons 

Prayer: Father as we continue in Your presence we pray that our hearts will be receptive to Your Word to us.  Lord, show us Your paths, teach us Your way, guide us in Your truth -

we surrender to You!

Holy Spirit come and do a work in us today that will grow and bear fruit in our lives so that we become more like Jesus. Amen.


Pastor Steve's Message.


2 Kings  5 v 1-16

We hope you enjoyed your time with God in Virtual Church!

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You are invited to have bread and wine ready if you wish to participate in Communion next week.

Like many Christians we long to reopen our premises and get back to holding regular worship services. However, we do not expect that Government guidelines will allow this any time soon, and the Deacons must still be sure it is safe to do so in our own settings and circumstances.


For now let us continue to encourage one another, even as we are doing (1 Thessalonians 5:11) and look forward to reopening our services later in the year.