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Sunday 31st January


Call to Worship
Call to Worship

The Psalmist encourages us to know the security that comes from trusting the Lord.  He keeps His people firm, upright and always under His protection.  As the people of Israel were able to fight the Lord’s battles from this place of security, so we can worship – and then take the faith that God builds in us out into His world, expressed in action.  Praise rises within us, then spills out in love for the world that Jesus came to save.

All Things Are Possible

Praise Is Rising

Hear These Praises

Intercessory Prayers

led by Hawa.

Let us also pray for those we know of personally who are in need at this time.

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Our Bible Reading is taken from 2 Kings 6:8-17  (ESV)

and is read by James.

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Key Verse

Elisha’s servant needed to learn that his eyes could only see part of the reality.  Our God is at work in so many ways that we can’t begin to sew or even to imagine!  He calls us to draw closer to Him daily in prayer and worship, so that we are more and more able to see the world as He does.  As we share in three songs of worship, let’s allow the Lord to speak His love and confidence into our lives.  We are constantly amazed by His love, a love that drives out fear.

I Stand Amazed

Amazing Grace

So Will I

Prayer:  Dear Lord, we are humbled by your power to work in your world and in us.  You offered love and salvation to a world that rejected you; it still does, and yet your love goes on!  Our desire is to see the truth of your Lordship in our world, and live daily in the certainty that your amazing love drives out fear.  Please speak to us this morning through Steve’s words, that our lives may be filled with the Godly confidence you mean us – as children of the King – to express in your world. Amen


Pastor Steve's Message:

1 Kings 6:8-17

Response Song: Whom Shall I Fear?

Blessing and Benediction


Bonus Song: God of Wonders

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