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Welcome to our Light Celebration. Please click on the videos and links - we pray you will be blessed, enjoy the items below and experience God's presence as you learn more about the Lord Jesus - The Light of the World as you join us today.

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Light of the World

Video Introduction

Pastor Steve's Welcome


Are you troubled by doubts, fears, failures and regrets?

Rest assured that God loves us no matter how troubled we are and Jesus comes to bring light, hope, forgiveness and freedom into our lives when we put our trust in Him.

We pray you will realise how much God loves YOU and how precious YOU are to Him.

We hope you enjoy these songs as we come to praise the One who has bought us our freedom.

My Lighthouse

This Is Amazing Grace

Shine Jesus Shine

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We celebrate Jesus' life, death and resurrection because it was the power of God that raised Him from the dead and gave Him the victory over every power that would try to destroy our lives.

It's amazing that the things that happened during 3 days over 2,000 years ago have impacted the lives of so many people from different nations, languages and cultures!

God sent us the Saviour we all need - Jesus Christ - so that we can experience His love personally.

One True God by Dan Adler / Heart of the City band and 'God thoughts' from some of our members. 

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Prayers led by Lesley and Lesline.

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Sammy has been a member of KBC for a few years and along with many others, has found his hope and peace in Jesus.

You can read the full story of his journey and other real life stories on our 'Faith Stories' page.


"I came from a Hindu background and I had some knowledge of Jesus, but I didn’t recognise Him as the One True God – just as one ‘god’ among many....

Then I realised that the ONLY way to God was through JESUS – because only Jesus could bring me the forgiveness that I needed....

I didn’t know what I was missing until God broke into my life."

Are you experiencing the hope and peace that knowing Jesus brings? 

It has always been God's intention to bless our lives and not to harm us.

From the Bible

(Flashing Images)

Join us now as we draw closer to God in worship. Lord Jesus, thank you that there is power in Your mighty Name to bring us freedom and forgiveness for all the wrongs we have ever done.

Thank you for Your victory on the cross... that You are risen and alive and that You offer us hope, eternal life and peace when we trust in You.

You loved us even before we ever thought of You... and Your love is unconditional and everlasting. These songs say it all!

Light of the World / The Call

What A Beautiful Name

Break Every Chain

Read by Peter

Light of the World Square 2.jpg

Shattered Darkness

Bringing Forgiveness banner.jpg

Almighty God, help us to understand more about the light that Jesus shines into our darkness to set us free,  as we listen to the Message from Your Word. Amen.


From Pastor Steve:


Taken from

Genesis 1.1-4

John 1.1-5

            John 8.12

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Response Song

Thank you for joining us for our  Light Celebration.


If you have any questions about the Christian Faith

or knowing God more, please contact us:

Light of the World green banner.jpg

We hope you enjoyed your time with God in Virtual Church!

For ways to give to Kenton Baptist Church, please click HERE.

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