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Home Fellowship Groups

Home Fellowship groups are operating - please contact the Church Office if you are interested in participating. Thanks.

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It is good to be part of a lively Church, where many people are present at Sunday worship. But the sheer numbers of people around on a Sunday can make it difficult to form the close ties of Christian fellowship which lead to personal and spiritual growth, and through which the love and support of the church family can be ministered. To help meet these needs all members of the congregation are warmly encouraged to participate in one of our house groups.

House Groups are informal meetings held in the relaxed setting of the home of one of the group members. Here at Kenton Baptist we hold House Groups for three main purposes;

  • To help each other in Christian life and growth through sharing together, praying for one another, and supporting each other in practical ways.

  • To learn together from the Bible, helping each other to understand and apply its message in our lives.

  • To build bridges of friendship and trust beyond the group, so that others discover God's love for them and to encourage them into the life of the church.

To find out when and where the house groups are held please get in contact with the church office.

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