Testimony from Pastor Steve and Sheila

Late last year, Steve was diagnosed with a tumour in his bladder. He attended hospital to have a biopsy.

On the day of the operation, he was told they intended to remove the tumour, the redness on the walls of the bladder and to administer a chemo wash, which may have reduced the size of his bladder. If necessary, the worst case scenario would be the complete removal of his bladder.


We were shocked at this news, but trusted God. The entire church came together to pray and call on the Lord during this time and prayer cover was arranged for the entire time Steve was in hospital.

When Steve came round after the operation, the surgeon rushed up to him, quickly removed his bandana and holding Steve by the shoulder, he said;
“Mr Cochrane, we don’t understand this, but when we looked inside, there was no tumour and no redness, so I haven’t done anything – you are free to go home……I can’t explain it!”

Steve said. “I can. It’s a miracle!”  He shared with the surgeon how God healed our daughter Sarah from seven tumours two years ago and said, “What God has done for my daughter, He has done for me.”

Back on the ward, another surgeon came to Steve with a doctor. He said, “Mr Cochrane? I was in theatre with my colleagues and we had up on the screen the picture of the inside of your bladder, clearly showing the tumour and redness. We also had the live camera feed inside you. It’s as though you have been given a brand new bladder and we don’t understand it!”

Steve shared with them about Sarah and again, how this is a miracle and they have all been a part of it happening. The Surgeon said, “I believe in logic’.

The doctor stepped back, smiled and raised his thumbs up, nodding.

The surgeon discharged Steve there and then with no further follow-up. God is so good and we give Him all the glory.


Since then we have had multiple opportunities to share this miracle with so many people. We use the word ‘Testimony’, meaning that what God has done through faith filled prayers, He will do again. We have seen many people at church also healed from tumours during the same time period and since. God is clearly moving amongst us and is demonstrating that He is God of the impossible.