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Giving to KBC

Like all Churches, our purpose is to follow Jesus – to know Him and make Him known.  This work is made possible by the many members of our Church family who give sacrificially of their time, volunteering in the many aspects of Church life and through prayer for God’s work. 


However, the work does also cost money!  We are grateful for the faithful giving of God’s people over many years that has enabled the ministry of our Church to flourish.  If you, as a member of the wider Church family, want to give regular financial support for our work, here are some ways that you can do so:

Open Offering

Each Sunday when we meet as a congregation there is an opportunity to give, either as cash or by cheque.

Envelope Scheme

This scheme provides an individually-numbered set of envelopes, one for each Sunday of the Year, into which money can be placed for the weekly Church offering.  Money gifts to the Church through this route are private, as only the Scheme Secretary keeps a confidential note of the number assigned to each giver and she takes no part in counting the offerings.  (For people who have completed a Gift Aid declaration only, names associated with the envelopes are shared with the Treasurer to enable the income tax to be recovered on these gifts.)

Bank Transfers

Many people use online banking, and can give in that way directly to the Church bank account.  Others use bank branches to arrange transfers.  In either case, the Church’s bank account details are given below.

Standing Orders

Standing orders are instructions to your bank to transfer a set amount regularly (weekly, monthly etc.) to the Church bank account.  Your bank can provide you with an instruction form, or the instruction can usually be set up using online banking.  Again, you will need the Church’s account details below.

Gift Aid

The Government enhances the giving of UK taxpayers by repaying to the Church the tax previously paid on any gifts they make using this scheme.  To do this a simple Gift Aid form is completed, a copy of which can be obtained from the Envelope Scheme Secretary, the Treasurer, or the Church Office.  Any gifts made the Church by that taxpayer are then enhanced by 25% (at current income tax rates).

Gift Aid requires that gifts must be traceable to an individual taxpayer, so gifts by bank transfer or standing order (with the taxpayer’s name as reference), personal cheque or through the envelope scheme make this possible.  We cannot identify and claim Gift Aid on loose cash in the open offering.


Church Bank Details:

Account: Kenton Baptist Church

Sort code:           40 - 52 - 40

Account number:  00033559

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