Girls' Brigade

Girls' Brigade

Girls' Brigade meets on Friday evening during term time from 18:15 until 21:30. There are various groups aimed at different age groups from schools years Reception to 13.

1st Kenton Girls' Brigade Company

Parents and carers, are you looking for an organisation where girls can establish a firm foundation for living life and facing its challenges in a wholesome way? Girls, would you like to make new friends, socialise, try all sorts of fun activities? Then Girls' Brigade could be just right for you. “Girls' Brigade is a great place to socialise with new friends outside of school.  1st Kenton Company reflects the community around us and is an integral part of Kenton Baptist Church.”    .

Activities take place on Friday evenings in term time and usually include games, craft, devotions, which are a time for quiet reflection and refreshments, which gives a chance to relax and socialise.  The activities are themed around badge work on all sorts of subjects, which are interesting and relevant to life. For example Places we can Visit in the Community: Library, Hospital, Church etc, Cooking, First Aid, Forgiveness and Kindness.  They are presented in a way that is appropriate for each of the four age groups.

Brigaders (school years 10-13) can opt for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Brigader Brooch or the Queen's Award. The leaders have a long-established record with the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme.


Seniors (school years 7-9) in their top year can opt for Young Leaders Training which includes helping out with Explorers (Reception - year 3) and Juniors (years 4-6).


All these activities help build confidence and look really good on your CV.


Other Activities include

  • Camp: A chance to go away for a few days during the summer holiday with your friends and have a fun time in a new place.

  • District Events: Meeting girls from other GB Companies in our area.

  • Church Parade: 2nd Sunday of each month at 10.15am, girls meet in uniform to line up and Parade into church where they attend the service and the children’s and young people’s activities that take place each Sunday morning.


1st Kenton Girls Brigade Company is a local expression of the international Girls Brigade ( movement which describes itself this way –

"Girls Brigade Ministries is part of a global Christian movement with a great history and a passionate vision for this generation and the future - it’s committed to seeing lives and communities transformed and enriched as individuals seek, serve and follow Jesus Christ."

Girls have the opportunity to consider spiritual faith issues during devotions which may take the form of story-telling or watching a DVD for example, to encourage reflection on what it means to base your life on knowing Jesus Christ and following Him.  There are frequent opportunities to ask for prayer about all kinds of concerns. 

1st Kenton Girls Brigade Company is also a Kenton Baptist Church organisation and therefore an integral part of the Church’s life and ministry as we seek to serve God and show His love in this community.


For girls in School Years Reception - Year 3. Meet on Fridays at 18:15 until 19:30



For girls in School Years 4 - 6. Meet on Fridays at 18:15 until 19:45.



For girls in School Years 7 - 9. Meet on Fridays at 20:00 until 21:30.



For girls in School Years 10 - 13. Meet on Fridays at 20:00 until 21:30. The main focus of is to help the young people achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.