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Who Are We?

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We are a diverse group of individuals that love to meet up and worship our Saviour, Jesus Christ. We believe God has called us to meet with Him together and serve not only each other but also our local community.

We believe that God sent His Son, Jesus to take the punishment for all our wrongdoing and as a result, bridged the gap between humanity and God the creator for all eternity.

We believe the Bible is the perfect word of God that we base our faith and life upon. It was written to show us who He is, to reveal the promises and love He has for each one of us and to invite us into relationship with Him.

Our hope is that, in all we do, we represent Jesus well and share His immense, unconditional, unfailing love with everyone we meet. We often work with other churches in the local area and are linked to the London Baptist Association and the Evangelical Alliance.

Steve Cochrane is our pastor. To find out more about him and his wife Sheila     Click Here.

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